Tiger Dreamz faux fur is available in Trundle style or click here for the Blanket style.


Tiger Dreamz Trundle Beds are a luxury pet blanket or mat, and are among our most popular and in-demand items.  These Tiger Dreamz products are created to mimic the feel, beauty and softness of real fur. Tiger Dreamz Trundle Beds may be used as beds, mats, crate pads, throws and blankets. The Trundle Bed may be used for your pet who likes to burrow or cuddle, and may be used bunched up as a “nest”, laid out like a “tunnel,” or stretched flat like a “mat.”  See the full selection of fabric samples below. The trundles are faux fur on all sides, inside and out.

The Trundle style when folded up in “cup format” measures 15 inches in diameter. When in sleeping bag format the trundle measures 22 inches long. Laid flat, fully extended, the trundle measures 21 inches by 42 inches.

Tiger Dreamz products are machine washable in warm or cool water, but please do not use any heat when drying. Air or line dry to keep the fur beautiful.

You can be assured you are buying an authentic Tiger Dreamz with Happy Paws.  We buy directly from the manufacturer. Tiger Dreamz ships within three days, please allow seven to ten days for delivery.

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