Contoured to fit the rear cargo area of midsize SUVs!


Bowsers Cross Country SUV Bolster Bed is a wonderful mix of versatile design for maximum comfort!
This bed was originally designed to fit the rear cargo area of an SUV, station wagon or van. However, this versatile low profile bed also makes an attractive addition to your home. Available is several colors, the uses of this unique bed are many.

Two inches of furniture grade foam topped with 1 inch of high loft fiber makes this a great bed for older and arthritic dogs. The bed is quilted and the piping is a complementary color.  The fabric is a tough microvelvet fabric that repels pet hair, dirt and moisture.

These SUV beds are 40 in wide by 32 in deep by 6 in tall on the outside, and provide a bedding surface measuring 32 in by 28 in with a 3 in bolster cushion as measured on the inside.

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Bowsers products are custom made and may take two to three weeks for delivery.

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MID SIZE40 x 32 x 6 in$169.99