Puppy Hugger’s entire line of luxury dog beds, crate pads, blankets & more represent a collaboration between you their design team. When you speak – we listen! Thus, years ago, the square and rectangle dog beds joined our growing inventory!

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Puppy Hugger Square Pet beds share the same distinctive features of all Puppy Hugger luxury dog beds – same cushioned well for snuggling; same overstuffed cushiony surround; same fabric selection; same one-piece safe design.

Create your own ‘Dual-Personality’ luxury dog bed with one fabric on the top and another on the bottom AT NO EXTRA COST. Choose fabrics to coordinate with two different rooms and please two different design aesthetics. The possibilities are endless.

To order your custom bed,

  • First select your size choice.
  • Then, click on the “top-see fabric” link to open the samples.  Click on your choice of top fabric and color for the top, then close the window.
  • Next, click on the “bottom- see fabric” link to open the samples.  Click on your choice of fabric and color for the bottom of the bed. Close this window.
  • Click “add to cart” and you are done!


All Puppy Hugger beds are custom made to order, please allow 4 weeks for shipment.

MEDIUMUp to 45lbs30x30x$228.99
LARGEUp to 90 lbs36x36x$268.99