Padded on top for a perfect fit, you can order the machine-washable crate cover in an array of colors and prints. Completely reversible, you may also opt for contrast piping on front edge. Get a matching crate pad to complete the look. Available to fit any size crate.

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Soften the lines of your crate with a Puppy Hugger designer Crate Cover in colors to match your decor. Or make a bold fashion statement & cover it in a crazy pattern. Either way you have improved the looks of this potential eyesore. Aside from making the wire crate aesthetically pleasing for you, the Puppy Hugger Crate Cover’s most important function is to create a safe and cozy haven for your dog. Take it with you when you travel and it will help calm your dog on long car journeys.

Please note: faux fur fabrics can NOT be used for crate covers.

To order your custom cover,

  • first select your size choice.
  • Then, click on the “top-see fabric” link to open the samples.  Click on your choice of top fabric and color for the top, then close the window.
  • Next, click on the “bottom- see fabric” link to open the samples.  Click on your choice of fabric and color for the bottom of the bed. Close this window.
  • Click “add to cart” and you are done!


All Puppy Hugger covers are custom made to order, please allow 4 weeks for shipment.