Make a statement of style and glam with these appealing designer beds.
Each bed includes a super soft snuggle blanket.



Does your pet build beds using your laundry, blankets, bed linens, and other soft materials? Does your pet dig, scratch, knead, fluff and/or spin around in circles before finally settling down to sleep? If the answer is yes, then you and your pet will love the Plush Pets Bed.

Just like we fluff our blankets and puff our pillows to prepare our sleeping space, pets like to do the same. It’s a natural instinct for animals to want to bunch up things for their bedding. In nature, creatures use leaves, grass, and sticks, for example. In our homes, pets use countless soft materials that we don’t want them to use. Often pets will try and nestle into soft furniture, sometimes ruining it in the process. Pets create nests to feel safe, secure and comfortable. Give them the bed they instinctively desire, for their ultimate comfort and satisfaction, and to finally put an end to unwanted nesting in your stuff!

When a blanket is unattached in a traditional pet bed, it can fall out of the bed or clump into a ball as the pet attempts to nest. This is not only frustrating to your pet, but also unappealing and inconvenient for you. The Plush Pet Bed was created to give you and your pet what you deserve: superior comfort and functionality for your pet, and an appealing design to accent your home.

What makes the Blanketed Pet Bed innovative and unique is that it has an attached blanket that facilitates nesting behavior because of its soft, comfortable, adjustable surface. The blanket maintains its full and fluffy shape without falling out of the bed even when your pet digs, scratches, kneads, and spins. It’s like sleeping on a cloud!

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SMALL20 x 27 x 10 in$132.99
MEDIUM26 x 33 x 11 in$172.99