The Dog Squad Cozy Sak Bed


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The Dog Squad’s Cozy Sak Plush is a super soft, faux fur, plush dog sak created by fashion designer Laurie Patrick. The Cozy Sak can be a bed, mat, crate pad, throw or blanket!  Your dog will love to burrow itself into this cozy!  Perfect for the pet who loves to burrow, these versatile beds can also be bunched up like a nest or laid out like a tunnel.

The Cozy Sak comes in a wide variety of faux furs and plush fabrics in one size, 24 inches by 30 inches.

The Cozy Sak is washable by hand or machine in cold water only, but please do not use any heat when drying.   Lay flat, air or line dry to keep the fur beautiful.

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