Lekven Family Plates

Puppies are irresistible, and so too are the Dog Family plates. Shown with their mother, and some also with their favorite toy of the day, the dogs are drawn on a background synonymous with their breed. For instance, the American Cocker Spaniel is shown with the Stars and Stripes, and the Papillon is shown with, of course, a butterfly. The Dog Family plates are the same size as our standard range of plates, 8 inches, and use the same chain border, so they will visually fit with any other of our plates that you may already have on your wall.

Drawn by Natalia Brampton, with her usual quality, style and artistic commitment, Lekven Design Danish Blue family plates are manufactured from the finest porcelain. The diameter of the plate is 8 inches, and each plate is shipped in its own protective Styrofoam box. Pre-drilled for easy hanging, you will find the name of the breed and the artist on the back of each plate. All plates are both microwave and dishwasher safe and are registered for international copyright protection.

Lekven Design Breed Plates are available in most recognized dog breeds. Please note these plates are custom made and shipped from Denmark. Shipping time can vary, up to five weeks. Please allow sufficient time for delivery.

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