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Tiger Dreamz beds and blankets at Happy Paws

February 26, 2017

Happy Paws is proud to offer the complete line of Tiger Dreamz beds, blankets and mats. These are among our best selling products, and we have many customers who come back for more! Often hard to find, Tiger Dreamz products are made with a quality you will appreciate. Only the finest faux fur fabrics go into these beds, and each one is designed with your pet in mind. You can be assured you are buying an authentic Tiger Dreamz with Happy Paws. Happy Paws works with the manufacturer to obtain our stock and keep these products on hand.

The Tiger Dreamz line is available in three distinct types: the blanket or mat, the trundle, and the Beddy Ball. We use the blankets with our own pets, and they love the softness and the durability!

Each bed is machine washable in warm or cool water, but please do not use any heat when drying. Air or line dry to keep the fur beautiful. With proper care these beds will last for many years.



Tiger Dreamz blankets may be used as beds, mats, crate pads, throws, or just as blankets. This is a luxury pet blanket or mat, and are among our most popular and in-demand items. They are so versatile that they can serve as your pet’s bed, as a crate pad, a throw or cover, or a mat or blanket. You can use them in the living room or in the car! They are created to mimic the feel, beauty and softness of real fur. The blanket is perfect for use as a pet’s mat on your rug or in front of the fireplace. While they are substantially thick, they do not have any fill or batting, leading to easy use for your pet. They wash beautifully! These blankets or mats are large, 30 inches by 39 inches. We use these blankets for our own dogs, and they are great for laying out as a go-to nap spot.

Blankets are available in several patterns and colors, including the exclusive Black Forest Cake, which is a unique deep, purple-black eggplant color.



Tiger Dreamz Trundle is the original 3-way bed! This versatile bed can convert into a small nest bed, a sack or “sleeping bag,” or can be opened up into a large flat mat. The Trundle is perfect for small to medium sized dogs, cats, or other small pets. If your dog likes to burrow in their bed, this is an ideal solution–the Trundle is the dachshund’s dream! For the pet who likes to be gently cupped, the nesting ability of this bed is perfect. The Trundle’s versatility is amazing, and you will be surprised how many ways your pet will discover to use this bed.

The Trundle style when folded up in the nest or cup format measures about 15 inches in diameter. When laid out as a sleeping bag, the Trundle measures about 22 inches long. If you lay the Trundle flat, with the “inside” out, fully extended, it measures 21 inches by 42 inches.

Trundles are available in the same selection of colors and patterns as the Blanket, including the deep eggplant color Black Forest Cake. Happy Paws has these beds in stock ready for you.

Beddy Ball


The Tiger Dreamz Beddy Ball will become your pet’s favorite bed! As with the other products, it is created to mimic the feel, beauty and softness of real fur. This bed is perfect for cuddling, laying around, or sleeping. Cats especially love the Beddy Ball, too, as they can curl up and sleep like they love to do. Stuffed with recycled polyfill, the Beddy Ball is a plush pillow that will conform to fit the shape of your pet. With two unique colors to choose from, you will have no problems matching your decor.

The Beddy Ball is great for smaller to medium-sized dogs as well as cats. For the pet who likes to “nest” this is the perfect bed. The Beddy Ball is approximately 13 inches tall and about 26 inches across. Beddy Balls are available only in Black Forest Cake and rich, brown Caramel Cocoa.

Pets love these beds, and you will love them, too. Easy to care for and comfortable, Tiger Dreamz beds and blankets are perfect for your pet and your style. Your pet will love you for it!

Happy Paws is ready to send your new bed today! Remember, shipping is always free at Happy Paws. Click here to visit our selections now.

Welcome to Happy Paws Pet Products!

May 18, 2016

We would like to welcome you to Happy Paws Pet Products’ new website!  In business since 1997, Happy Paws strives to bring you the best in fine pet beds from the best bed manufacturers. Our dog and cat bed and blanket selection was personally selected for value, quality, and comfort.

Take a look at our selection of fine brands, hard to find beds, and a complete line of travel accessories and more for your cherished pet. We carry the beautiful plush Tiger Dreamz blankets, beds, and trundles in stock.  Bowsers and Puppy Hugger beds, and Susan Lanci Design luxurious faux fur Cuddle Cups.  Also we are proud to offer the complete line of Lekven Designs Danish blue dog plates and mugs, in breed and family styles. Outstanding quality and craftmanship  shown in the leads from Wicked Show Leads.

Come back often as we bring you new and unique products designed for your pet’s comfort.

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